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Good ideas are built on smart foundations

Good ideas can only go so far without the right technology to back them. That’s why Zebra Kick takes the time to find and create the proper tools to build your project so that it is here to stay.

Dynamic AJAX

Although we normally try to avoid trends for the good of our clients, this one is a trend for a reason—and it isn’t going anywhere soon. AJAX, which is built on JavaScript, has been largely popularized by Google’s Maps and Gmail applications. By essentially doing only the bare minimum, AJAX applications and widgets provide faster load times, increased responsiveness, and create a richer, more enjoyable experience for your user.

While some firms are only beginning to dabble with AJAX, our developers have been writing AJAX applications since before AJAX was cool, all the way back in 2003 (before Gmail). We have over six years of experience working with AJAX. It’s old hat to us, which is good news for you.

Rich Internet Applications

Its one thing to use a little AJAX here and there, but it’s a whole different ball game when you start talking about rich Internet applications, where JavaScript and AJAX are the backbone of everything that the application does. Familiar sites like Facebook and Gmail fall in this category. Our developers boast years of experience creating rich Internet applications for business critical operations such as point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions.

Open Source

Many companies have enterprise needs, but small business budgets. At Zebra Kick, we never want to see that hold our clients back which is why we fully advocate the use of existing, open source software. By implementing reusable applications, we keep costs low and decrease project time, benefits which are passed along to you, our clients.

Open source software is backed by the power of the community that surrounds it, offering ever-improving features thanks to free, regular updates, and a higher level security than can be offered for a custom application at the same price. We think it would be a crime not to offer it to our clients.


The user experience is key to getting new users and keeping old ones happy and engaged. Having an intuitive user interface is just half of the puzzle. It’s also important for your entire site to be easy to use. This ensures that your message is clear, your services are unobstructed, and a positive impression of your business is created.

With this in mind, not only do we pay attention to the interface of each page of a site or component of an application, but we also consider how your project comes together as a whole and how using it feels. At Zebra Kick, we actually use what we build for you to iron out any kinks, and deliver the best product possible.

Service-Side Programming

Programming is what makes the Internet gears go ’round. Whether its a simple blog aggregator widget for your home page, modifying an existing project, or creating custom rich Internet applications for your company, we can and have done it all. We take the time to design and prototype each project so that your company isn’t stuck with an unsupportable mess in the future.

Zebra Kick prides itself on keeping current with the latest web technologies to provide you with the best, most relevant solution possible. And don’t worry, we’ll break down all the technical lingo so you understand what you’re getting, and are confident that our solution for your needs is the right one.


Databases are part of the magic of web 2.0. They allow us to create dynamic, user driven sites and powerful applications. But not just any database will do. Years of experience has given us the know-how to not only create intelligent database, but design them to stay fast and stable for years to come.

Scalability and Traffic

Uptime is important, and while a site may come down from time to time for maintenance, we never want a site to be unavailable because of an increase in traffic. Building on both start-up and corporate experience, Zebra Kick has the tools and knowledge to not only build great web sites and applications, but to ensure that they can handle heavy traffic loads and can scale to meet your business’ needs.

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