Redbox Email Campaign Needs Focus

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Red Box

Somehow, when I opened up my email and saw Hannah Montana in the latest eblast from Redbox, I just knew I had to take a screen shot. Here are a few observations about Redbox and their email campaign that bother me a bit.

Redbox’s DVD Vending Machines are Slick

For those of you who are not familiar with Redbox, it is a DVD rental vending machine that is popular many of the  best grocery stores in Southern California.  The system is fairly impressive.  You browse the selection via a touch screen, swipe your debit card and out pops your DVD.  The movie is yours for a dollar a day.

Redbox Uses E-mail for Communication

Seemingly as impressive as the physical units is the email receipt system.  Within 2-3 min. of renting or returning a DVD you are sent an email for your records.  Fairly slick if you ask me.

Part of being a Redbox user, of course, is being on there email list.  They have done a pretty good job of keeping there email blasts subtle enough that you won’t remove yourself from the list, but once a week you are “informed” of the newest movies in the box.

Redbox, however, has missed a huge opportunity with their direct marketing campaign.  The same weekly email is sent out to every person on the email list.  This means they choose one movie to push hard in the main slot and send it to all the people on the list.

Focus Your Target Demographic

Since Redbox knows every movie that you rent from them, it would be a fairly simple task to assign a “most common genre” tag for each customer.  By doing this, they can send an eblast focusing on action and comedies to the action and comedy fans, while sending The Land Before Time XVI promos to people who tend to rent a lot of Disney films.

Although this does create the need for multiple email promos each week, it is all but guaranteed that the conversions would increase dramatically.  One alternative, however, is to reduce the email list into two groups.  Those who like movie genre A and those who hate movie genre A.  The only thing worse than sending a bland or boring e-blast out is sending an eblast that alienates your customers from your product.

Another reason for Redbox to focus their email marketing campaign is that they are limited to how many rentals of each movie they can have in stock.  This is why promoting 15 movies a week will have a better turn out that promoting their three biggest.

Try Redbox

Lastly, if you haven’t tried this movie vending machine, find a Redbox and try it out.

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