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Build it and they will come. Although this may have worked for Noah, its not always the same with websites. What good is having a beautiful website if no one is visiting? At Zebra Kick, we specialize in finding and implementing the most cost-effective methods to get traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Every single website can benefit from some level of search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. From general search rank advancement, to specific keyword ranking, Zebra Kick handle all levels and types of SEO campaigns.

Site Assessment

In most cases, it is necessary to review a site before being able to plan out a marketing campaign. Zebra Kick offers site assessments at very affordable prices. These reviews provide information that is required by any SEO to see the current state of your website and to make recommendations for what improvements can be made.

Full Coverage SEO Campaign

We work with many of our clients to create full service SEO campaigns. This allows us to evaluate your website and propose the best campaign to increase your traffic and sales.

We handle everything from keyword research and on-site SEO, to custom development and off-site link building. Even if you want to use third party services, Zebra Kick can manage the entire campaign to make sure that all the pieces of the SEO puzzle come together optimally.

Key Word Research and Strategy Development

It is important to have a solid game plan when running an SEO campaign. Proper keyword research allows us to identify terms that prospective visitors are likely to search for your services with. It is important that we identify the difficulty of ranking with each search term, and identify terms that may be easier to rank to increase your return on investment.

On-page Website Optimization

With on-page website optimization, we review a site’s structure and page semantics, making changes to improve the search value of the site on the whole and for individual pages. Once we have created your keyword strategy, we can update your site get the content ranking for the target keywords.

Content Generation

“Content is king”. That was the mantra a few years ago. Although, some of the buzz has worn off, content is no less important today than it has ever been. But don’t worry if you’re unable to write enough content for your site, we can do that too. We custom write all content to represent your company’s image and character, while containing the right subject matter to rank in google.

Link Building

In order to rank for most terms, some level of link building is required. For smaller, local search campaigns, this can by as simple as optimizing a few links from existing partners. For more extensive campaign, an aggressive link building campaign is required. We offer all levels of link building including widgets, link-bait, and manual link building.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Campaigns)

A highly optimized Pay Per Click campaign provides one of the most focused form of Internet advertising possible. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to scale your marketing budget based on your need to grow or simply maintain. With PPC marketing, you can focus your target market by keyword, region and even time of day.

Zebra Kick walks you through the steps of setting up your company’s own Pay Per Click campaign. We also identify the proper target keywords to achieve the highest return on Investment for your company. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and see what Pay Per Click advertising can do for your business.

Reputation Management

With the increasingly social aspect of the Internet, it is incredibly easy for unsatisfied customers to publish negative press about you or your company. This means anyone who looks up your company online will see that negative content unless you do something about it.

Many firms are beginning to offer reputation management services, and Zebra Kick is no exception. Simply put, reputation management is a campaign created so that when you or your company is searched for on the Internet, only positive results appear.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Ning, Delicious and what ever comes up tomorrow, are all way too much for your to keep track of. We offer everything from coaching and training for your community managers, to setting up profiles for your company and handling the updates for you.

Social Media Consultation

Many companies already have a blog and personal dedicated to spreading their company’s message. We create a strategy for your company and train your employees to be able to continue building on the campaign after we’re gone.

It is important for your business to be actively engaged in the building of these profiles before other companies take over your market reach. We are constantly staying connected with the social media world, so that you don’t have to.

Internet Viral Marketing

The power of word of mouth has only increased with the Internet and blogging and it is rather easy to generate increased interest in your brand by leveraging this power. Creating content that others will talk about is a great way to get others to advertise for you. Combining this sort of marketing with other aspects, such a link building and blogging, is an excellent way to extent the reach of your brand.

E-mail Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing is one of the oldest forms of online promotion and, as a result, is by far the most regulated. The worst thing a company can do is send out mass email that looks like spam. This is why it is important to make sure you are working with knowledgeable professionals when starting any email campaign.

Zebra Kick helps your business setup a third part email service, with which you can safely send mass email advertisements and get performance statistics. We also provide methods to help your company create an email list in a clean, legal fashion.

Blogging Development and Strategy Coaching

A blog is a great place to stay connected to your user base, while promoting your brand. However, while it may be easy to write a blog, but its not as easy to leverage that blog to promote your business and be profitable. We set you up with an optimized blog and coach you on how to use it to promote you company and brand.

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