New from Monster Media – Carbon Fiber Wraps

December 22, 2011zebrakickOne Comment

Part of having partners in business is being able to experience industries that are slightly different than your own.  Our partnership with Monster Media has been a perfect example of this. A couple weeks ago Monster Media installed a carbon fiber wrap on a rally car from K&N.   What makes this wrap so cool is that the carbon fiber wrap look is not just printed on (like most of the printing at monster media) but rather it is a textured roll that we special order from 3m.   Although the wrap won’t reduce the weight of your vehicle, it won’t reduce the weight in your wallet either.

Check out these sick Carbon Fiber Wrap Photos.

What can you wrap in carbon fiber?

So what can you wrap with carbon fiber?  Just about anything really.  Think about it. When was the last time you saw a mini van with a carbon fiber hood and rear door? I bet they don’t even make those!  For a few hundred bucks you can have the fastest looking mini van on the road.

What about Bikes? Helmets? Walls? In reality if you have enough square footage (will have to check with the guys in the shop to see the min.) you can wrap just about any surface.  Hm. Carbon Fiber Fridge doors anyone?

See, this is part of why I love working in the Monster Media building.  Although Zebra Kick is entirely an online service provider, we love to dabble in the offline world.  And without giving anything away, we are going to see some seriously cool stuff coming out of monster media in the near future.  Until next time though, that will have to wait.

Also if you have an idea for an awesome carbon fiber wrap project, let us know in the comments below.  In fact if your a comment spammer (I love you scrap box), leave a relevant comment suggesting a good carbon fiber wrap project and I’ll approve you link! (as long as your not linking to any of our orange county competition).

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  1. PermaSeal | February 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    We specialize in automotive tire sealant and would love to see carbon fiber wrapped rims. The blacked out rim effect would really make the wheels pop and put emphasis on them as they blend yet contrast with the tires. On a strongly colored body it could look amazing.

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