February 14, 2012No Comments

albuquerque plumbing

Update: This post is now being hosted over on under SEO, Albuquerque and Plumbing Having practiced SEO in Riverside for the last 6 years, my SEO techniques have become tailored to a region with 30+ city names (in the inland empire alone).   When you add in Orange County and Los Angeles, I am used to [...]

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December 22, 2011One Comment


Part of having partners in business is being able to experience industries that are slightly different than your own.  Our partnership with Monster Media has been a perfect example of this. A couple weeks ago Monster Media installed a carbon fiber wrap on a rally car from K&N.   What makes this wrap so cool [...]

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August 18, 2010One Comment

Top Bar Hive Supply Website – In House Marketing Success

This post was written by Matt Reed, a good friend of Zebra Kick.  It was great to hear that his website is dong well so I asked him to write a bit about the progress of his top bar hive website.  You can read more of his posts at his Bee Keeping Blog. Our business [...]

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January 29, 20107 Comments

Zebra Kick gets a New Window Decal

Our front office got some new artwork back in November. Alongside our sister company Monster Media, Inc., with whom we share the building, our company’s name and logo was added to the window. In the spirit of having some fun, we created a little video for the event. Hope you like Benny Hill! All of [...]

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November 9, 20095 Comments

Another discussion born from a question at stackoverflow.  Today I’m laying out the differences between object literals and constructed objects, when to use which, how to get the most out of them, and a few other tricks along the way.  Let’s get started. Object Literals / Static Objects Object literals, or static objects, don’t require [...]

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October 21, 200910 Comments

Hash Link SEO – Google Jump To Results with Internal Links

UPDATE: I have reposted this post over at Feel free to check it out over there. Last week while searching for “Fallout 3 multiplayer” I noticed some really cool results in Google.  In the image below you can see that the Wikipedia result has in-site links to subsections of the page.  As if this [...]

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October 16, 20093 Comments

Google Maps Street View Tricycle Video

I was logging into my YouTube to upload some videos and stumbled upon this in my feed from Google.  Still only has 1k views at the time of this posting, but it’s sure to get picked up soon. Basically this is how Google records street views for Google Maps on streets that can’t be driven [...]

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October 9, 20092 Comments

Quick Tip – Make Your Brand Look Popular, Even if its Not (Yet).

I was reminded of this age old marketing strategy when I stepped into Bamee Thai Noddle Shop in Chicago’s Lakeview district for a quick bowl of Tom Yum soup.  The place was empty at 1:30pm, but looked good.  I was immediately seated at the most visible table from the street.  Whether or not he realized [...]

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September 29, 2009No Comments

Redbox Email Campaign Needs Focus

Somehow, when I opened up my email and saw Hannah Montana in the latest eblast from Redbox, I just knew I had to take a screen shot. Here are a few observations about Redbox and their email campaign that bother me a bit. Redbox’s DVD Vending Machines are Slick For those of you who are [...]

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September 22, 200920 Comments

Changing from the default template in Magento breaks the onepage checkout page. Here’s how to fix it.

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